Winemaking: Alcoholic fermentation and maceration for 20 days and a short aging period of six months, a part in old French oak barrels and the other part in stainless steel tanks to preserve the variety of aromas.

Soil type: From different plots: Calcareous-clay and red clays, stony ca lcareous .

Blend: A blend of Grenache 80%, and Carignan 20%.
Org anic farming and in pro cess of conv ersion, according to the CCP Eh.

Alcoholic: 14%



Nose: It is a gift of wild red and black autumn fruits: cherries and blueberries that give way to a bouquet of medicinal herbs from the fields’ undergrowth: thyme and juniper.

Palate: The initial sweet flavour of the Grenache fills the palate with red berries with a hint of balsamic resin and licorice that seductively stimulate the senses. It ends with a salty touch that will make your mouth water, and you will enjoy a sparkling finish.

Color: Clean, bright cherry red

only Montsant winery awarded with qualification of single vineyard wine


The Domènech family comes from Falset and since 2002 they have been the owners of one of the oldest vineyards in Capçanes, located in the south of Priorat County within the D.O. Montsant wine appellation. At an altitude of 450-500m, nestled between the Llaberia and Montalt mountains, this protected mountainous conservation area, surrounded by lush forest and underground springs, benefits from a unique microclimate, very diverse soils and very old vine Grenache (Garnatxa) vineyards… in other words, a “terroir” where all elements converge in this one place to make very special, unique wines.

In this peaceful environment, where Nature is all around, we are able to make wines which are a faithful reflection of the land. In each and every process, our project is carried out using green and sustainable practices.

We are committed to respecting the planet and our environment. Our landscape is continually reflected in our wines and is fundamental for our way of life. This way of life is marked by our region, its cultures and traditions.

Furvus RED




Winemaking: The grapes enter the chamber at a low temperature of 2-4°. Skidding and vinification of each plot separately, spontaneous alcohol fermentation occurs with wild yeasts. Twelve months in old French oak barrels.

Blend: 90% Garnacha and 10% Merlot.

Alcohol: 15% 



Color: Clean, bright cherry color.

Aroma: There is an immediate aromatic impact of wild berries, ripe blueberries and an acidity of red plum. Very subtly there are spicy touches that remind us of red pepper, a deep note of lavender and vitality of blood orange, clothed with touches of thyme and notes resin.

Taste: It’s welcome is a warm hug, inviting and alive, the taste is powerfully successful but without losing it’s thread of acidity. The aromas that enter the nose translate to taste as an exercise of sincerity with ripe red cranberries and spices. Its tannic concentration is without edges and has a subtle bitter finish to round this Mediterranean Bosque wine. 

vinyes velles de SAMSÓ




Winemaking: Alcoholic fermentation and maceration during 20 days, Ageing: in French oak for 12 month

Soil type: Calcareous clay and Red Clays.

Blend: 100% Samsó 

Alcohol: 14,45%



Color: Clean, shiny ruby red colour.

Nose: Complexity of the intense aromas of ripe fruits such as blueberry, redcurrant, and Meterranean underbrush, violet floral notes

Mouth: A wine with Elegance and a long and parsimonious verse, as a Carinyena should be when it tells its place of origin, Balance and complexity. Grenache and Carinyena are the Ying and Yang of the Montsant, the Grenache for its capacity to win peoples' love, volume, and fruit, and the Carinyena for its structure and harmony

teixar vi de finca




Winemaking: Spontaneous yeasts and fermentation of each plot of landseparately in 500- and 300-litres wooden casks. 14 months ageing in old French oak casks.

Soil type: Very stony clay-calcareous, shallow soils which are poor in organic matter.

Blend: 100% Hairy Grenache. 

Alcohol: 16%



Color: Shiny cherry-coloured with purple hints

Nose: Highly Complex. Intensity of ripe red fruit: redcurrant, black-berry, cherry with balsamic notes of liquorice and aromatic plants of Mediterranean lavender, rosemary underbrush, and spicy hints.

Mouth: Velvety, elegant, and balanced, where the ripe red balsamic fruit and spices stand out. Extremely complex, persistent, and a long and persistent end note with a saline touch

DO Montsant


The DO Montsant has surprised everyone. The wines are dynamic; a mixture of accumulated wisdom and experience, and the energy and enthusiasm brought by the new generation of agriculturalists and winemakers. These wines also represent commitment, risk taking, cooperation and confidence in achievement. For example, almost all the population of a village took out a mortgage for the development of a cooperative.


in a short time, the wines of the DO Montsant have gained the respect and admiration of the finest experts all around the world for their quality and strong personality.

 (single vinyard qualification)