is an innovative, young and dynamic enterprise, which elaborate wine in 15 different Designations of Origin in Spain. The initiative originates in the passion of José Miguel Arambarri Terrero for wine, an entrepreneur from La Rioja who is a connoisseur and lover of the wine world. His vision gave birth to Castillo de Maetierra and Maetierra Dominum, two wineries which spawned Vintae. With the inclusion of his two sons, Ricardo and José Miguel, Vintae came into shape as a project and is causing a real revolution in the different aspects of the wine-growing industry, by representing the avant-garde and market approach through many of its products or the creation of Valles de Sadacia, the greatest progress in white wines in the entire history of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Vintae is born to create innovative wines adapted to new customer tastes. For this purpose, it has a group of over 50 professionals who share their passion for the wine world with a creative and dynamic spirit, applying this spirir to each of their specialized areas.


The only guiding compass we have at Vintae is the one which leads us to the best vineyards. And although we make wine in more than 15 designations of origin in Spain, we have never stopped looking at our land. There, in the heart of the Sonsierra, set among the best old Tempranillo vineyards, stands Bodega Hacienda López de Haro. The winery that makes us feel proud of our roots.


If we were to stop dreaming, we would not be Vintae