Cherry-coloured with violet tones, bright, young and lively. Highly aromatic intensity on the nose, combining raspberries and other red berries with spicy notes, hints of liquorice and black pepper. In the mouth fresh and meaty with smooth and well integrated tannins. Balsamic and fresh finish. Easy to drink and share, perfect to be served with light dishes.


Blend: Red Grenache / Tempranillo / Trepat

Alcohol: 13%vol

VINS DE PEDRA is a personal project from Marta Pedra. It is also a re-encounter with her origins. The smell of the winery during the fermentation of the wines, the red hands stained with wine, the frenzied noise of the bottles being labelled … All these sensations are coming back again for this young oenologist. Her great-grandfather was an oenologist from the region of Tarragona. He travelled from winery to winery, tasting some wines from this tank or that barrel. This passion for the vines and wine seems to have been passed down silently from one generation to another, until it re-emerged in Marta.


After she immersed in books of oenology and wine growing, stained her hands in more than one winery from the wine region Conca de Barbera, Marta has accomplished her dream. Her winery is not the most beautiful one, neither the biggest. It also has not the glamour of some others, but it is surely the most wished winery of them all and Vins de Pedra it is called.




A Catalonian region in the north of the province of Tarragona. The wine growing area is primarily concentrated in a part of the region that owes its geological formation to the erosive action of the Francolí River and its tributary called Anguera. The combined action of these two rivers in the course of the millennia has shaped the appearance of this part of the region as a river valley surrounded by mountain ridges. Most vineyards are situated at altitudes of 350 to 600 m, which lends the wines a fresh and light note and an aromatic bouquet. Generally speaking, the climate can be described as a Mediterranean transitional climate which ranges between the mild climate of the coastal regions of Tarragona (due to the relative proximity to the sea) and the continental climate typical of the Lérida region.


Trepat is the native variety of Conca de Barberà. It delivers very characteristic light and fruity wines of perfect acidity and medium alcohol content. Trepat is used for rosé wines, and for base wines to be turned into cavas of great personality. However, there is also an increasing number of red wines, and also some white wines, which are gaining widespread recognition.




Pale yellow, clear and bright. In the nose dominate floral notes merging White flower with White fruits. The palate is delicate with a surprising refreshing acidity, which lengthens the finish leaving a feeling that combines fresh White fruits with notes of citrus peel. Perfect to enjoy any appetizer, from the simplest to the most sophisticated dishes.


Blend: Macabeu / Perallada

Alcohol: 12,5%vol




Bright and pale and yellow colour. The nose is complex with aromas of pear and ripe melon followed by some tropical aromas. In the mouth it is elegantly glyceric, seductive and voluminous. The work made with fine lees (bâtonnage) provides it with a long and persistent finish. It is white wine with well-balanced acidity, which maintains its freshness leaving a smooth sensation at the end. 15 years old vineyards placed 350 mtrs above the sea level in clay and poor soils. Perfect pairing with elaborated dishes like rice dishes, white meats with sauces, poultry…


Blend: Chardonnay / Parellada

Alcohol: 13%vol




Fresh and delicate. Cherry colour with medium low intensity. Amazing nose with notes of rose petals, wild strawberries and red peppers. The palate is long and silky, shows a good acidity and a touch of liquorice at the end. Aged 5 months in French oak barrels. Elaborated from over 70 years old vines placed in calcareous clay and poor soil. Ideal for drinking a glass of wine or with light dishes.


Blend: Trepat

Alcohol: 14%vol




Red ruby colour with medium-high intensity. Expressive nose with red ripe fruits complemented with balsamic aromas, toasted notes and a black pepper touch. In the palate has a good acidity providing freshness and elegance. It has a long persistent finish. Elaborated with 30 years old vineyards placed 400 metres above the sea level placed in clay calcareous poor soils. Aged 10-12 months. Ideal for pairing with cold meat, elaborated meat dishes, poultry…


Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

Alcohol: 14%