Joan Soler is an agriculturist and a very accomplished winemaker. His disciples describe him as ‘an artist who creates with the precision of a chemist’ and as ‘a scientist who speaks like a poet’. For many years Soler was the winemaker at the Abadal and La Fou wineries in the Pla de Bages region of Northern Spain, near Manresa and the mythical mountain of Montserrat. From there he moved on and started to produce his own wines. An activist and idealist, Joan Soler searches to express the terroir in his wines. He farms his vineyards in a biodynamic manner and insists on ensuring the health of the soil and the vines. He now resents to produce ‘commercial‘ wines. His passion for winemaking abounds and tasting his wines, one can feel Joan’s dedication and personality. In his philosophy, the soil and the terroir are the essential components in the making of a wine. Joan has a wide knowledge about grape varieties and their acclimatisation to the different zones an climates allowing the elaboration of wines of outstanding complexity and intensity fused within an elegant frame and extreme purity.




AREA AND VINEYARDS: limestone soils with a clay-loam texture, at a shallow depth. Area with a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers, Low rainfall.

PRODUCTION: Coupage of the varieties after the malolactic fermentation. Ageing in barrels made of French oak for 12 months.

BLEND 60% Grenache, 25% Tempranillo, 15% Syrah



Dark garnet red colour. Intense aroma of red fruits and angostura, over a mineral background of flint, dried flowers, and cacao, open up a universe of great aromatic richness provided by the three varieties. When opened, the red fruit (cherry, red currant) dominate the expression of the wine, highlighting good vivaciousness and freshness menthol notes of the Garnacha mix with the violet of the Syrah, in an evolution in which the wine increasingly displays nuances, with freshness

mixing with the sweetness of the Garnacha.



AREA AND VINEYARDS: on clayish soil, shallow and chalky-silty. Area with a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Low annual rainfall.

PRODUCTION: Both varietals are processed separately, the Chardonnay being much earlier than the Macabeu, but with the same style of vinification, fermenting the musts with a slight turbidity, which favors taking its complexity, volume and expression of the grapes and the terroir into the wine.

BLEND: 60% Chardonnay, 40% Macabeu.


TASTING NOTESYellow color tending towards straw Its aromas grow to be mature, with white fruit (apple) musc and lightly floral touches. When opening, citric notes (lemon, grapefruit) push forward a complex and powerful group of flavors, with a long progression, over a floral and lavender base.



The Costers del Segre Designation of Origin is a mosaic made up of seven scattered throughout the entire basin of the River Segre and the Lleida Pyrenees, with the aim of grouping together and providing a unique personality for grape and wine-growing in the province of Lleida. The connecting link is the middle basin of the river Segre, between the Pyrenees and the Ebro, and the dry climate of the interior, away from the influence of the sea and marked by an elevated insolation, a scant rainfall and persistent fogs of winter moisture. The vineyards are located between 200 and 1100 m of altitude. The soil is calcareous sand covered, with a great uniformity in all the denomination.

The DO has well-defined characteristics that differentiate us from the others, such as our privileged location with soil of a limestone composition and a marked Mediterranean climate, featuring strong thermal fluctuations that daily and seasonally make it ideal for growing grapes.