DO Calatayud


Varieties: 100% Grenache.

Vineyard: Goblet-trained vineyard, planted in 1940, located on slopes with ferrous-clay soil in Valle del Ribota.

Harvest: Manual harvest of selected grapes at the middle of October.

Winemaking: Maceration for 17 days, controlled fermentation in 15.000 kg concrete deposits at the temperature bellow 25ºC.

Aging: 10 months in new French oak barrels.

Alcohol content: 14,5% Vol


Tasting notes

Colour: Mature red cherry with deep edges.

Nose: Intense with dark red and black fruits with roasted and cocoa notes.

Palate: Smooth and fruity wine, complemented with gentle tannins. Intensive character that fills the mouth and leaves a long aftertaste.

At Vintae we believe that the best way to explain our raison d’être is to open one of our bottles. But if we must explain it with words, we always like to say that we are a new way of living wine.

Some have called us revolutionaries, others have defined us as innovative, there are even those who have accused us of being crazy. Crazy?

Well, perhaps. If we weren’t, we would never have planted that first vineyard of muscatel grapes in La Rioja back in 1999.

Since then we have grown to become a very special family that enjoys, lives and dreams of creating new wines. Something that together with our adventurous spirit has led us to produce wine in fifteen denominations of origin in Spain, betting on authentic, daring projects.

And because we know that each region has its own way of honoring wine, we always like to respect the soul and the essence of each destination and trust the wine growers of each locale. Only in this way can we continue harvesting the best stories… and fuelling our craziness ;-)

Because if we were to stop dreaming we would not be Vintae


La Garnacha

Garnacha is one of the varieties whose wines have increased in popularity in recent years. This has not always been the case, however; for a long time Garnacha was relegated to a secondary role and associated with wines of lesser quality


The Lost Vineyards

From Rioja to Catalonia, passing through Navarra and Aragón, there are still small old vineyards waiting to be rediscovered to offer us a unique wine.


Fruity, fresh and mineral wines, with sweet, full and delicious tannins.

This project is a tribute to the Garnacha grape, a variety historically forgotten and neglected because of its complicated viticulture. Proyecto Garnachas is a collection of monovarietal wines made in different areas of the Ebro Valley and from very old vineyards. Each wine expresses all the nuances and peculiarities of its own production area.


IGP Ribera del Queiles


Varieties: 100% Grenache.

Vinyard: Vineyards are located in a watershed area, on the north face of Moncayo.

Harvest: Manual harvest of selected grapes at the middle of October.

Winemaking: Maceration for 2 weeks, fermentation in vats at the temperature bellow 25ºC.

Aging: 5 months in French oak barrels.

Alcohol content: 14% Vol


Tasting notes

Colour: Medium-deep garnet colour with bright red edge.

Nose: Intense and elegant red berry fruit character, with tobacco and herbs notes.

Palate: Rich and fruity with well balanced freshness. Elegant, with unique varietal characteristics and long aftertaste.

La Garnatxa Fosca dE Priorat

DO Priorat


Varieties: 100% Grenache.

Vineyard: Over 60 years old vineyards, located between 300 and 400 metres above sea level on the terraced slopes of Molar (Tarragona).

Harvest: Manual harvest during the end of September and the beginning of October.

Winemaking: Maceration for 2 weeks, controlled fermentation in vats at the temperature bellow 28ºC.

Aging: 10 months in French oak barrels.

Alcohol content: 14% Vol


Tasting notes

Colour: Intense ruby red with deep edges.

Nose: Interesting bouquet where the varietal characteristics are perfectly combine with mineral and oaky touch.

Palate: Rich and tasty wine, with great balance, elegance and harmony. Right amount of acidity emphasizes its drinkability and leave pleasant aftertaste.