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Varieties: Grenache and others.

Vineyard: Located on the northern border, covered by the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andia. Organic farming on fresh calcareous clay soils.

Harvest: Manual harvest of selected grapes, at the middle of October. Selections of berries at the sorting table.

Winemaking: Short maceration, only 5 days with the minimum possible intervention. The malolactic fermentation takes place in a 12,000 litre vats. The wine was bottled on January the 12nd.

Alcohol content: 14% Vol.


Tasting notes

Colour: Clean and bright colour, with dominating raspberry tones.

Nose: Fresh and fruity, with good intensity of blackberries, blackcurrant and violets.

Palate: Fresh and fruity attack that comes from the high-altitude vineyards. It has a fresh and lovely tartness, pleasantly balanced acidity and delightful aftertaste.

Long, elegant, fresh and balanced wines of limited production.


Le Naturel is a pioneer "boutique" winery in the Navarra D. O. in the revival of organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. They prepare their wine collection with minimal intervention, with maximum respect for the fruit of their vineyards, located in the highest and coolest area of the denomination, achieving a 100% natural product.


Organic and vegan certified.

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WINEMAKING at Aroa Bodegas follows the philosophy with the minimal intervention as possible, to allow the grapes to do the talking through the wines.

The winery is designed to optimize its facilities, energy efficiency and overall to do as little impact as possible on the environment.

The winery has two underground floors with totally natural climate and humidity control where tanks and barrels room are located. The grapes entre from the top, using the gravity to avoid pump pressures that could effect wines.


LE NATUREL a natural wine made without added sulfites and with minimal intervention throughout the whole process. A short maceration, a minimal filtration and no clarification. In this way we are able to express the essence of the terroir, the character and the personality of the vineyards

A pioneer in the D.O. Navarra with the organic spirit and organic-biodynamic methods of cultivating. The area, where the winery is situated is one of the highest areas in Navarra with a strong influence of Cantabrian sea.


VINEYARDS, located proximity to the Pyrenees Mountains and the Cantabrian Sea, give a strong Atlantic character to the Mediterranean climate. It’s one of the most northern areas of the Iberian Peninsula where red grape varieties are grown in the shelter of the Urbasa and Andía Mountains.

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