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“La Sueca” is a return to nostalgia. A journey to the beginnings of sexual freedom and democracy in Spain. The bottle takes us back to summer in a campsite during the 70 ́s, times of parties and family holidays in cars stuffed with people. A souvenir of all those wonderful summer concentrated in a colorful, appealing bottle full of references to the era of sexual liberation in Spain.

La Sueca has the intensity of a summer love and the wonderful freshness of a nudist beach. A sangria like the one you have known all your life. A bright clean cherry red colour. Predominant cinnamon, orange and peach aromas. Fresh, pleasant and sweet in the mouth, leaving a fruity taste of wine with hints of citrus. The definitive HAPPY in capitals ending!


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VARIETIES: 50% Garnacha, 50% Tempranillo 11% Vol.

VINEYARD: Selection of the best grapes of Garnacha and Tempranillo from Casa Berger's vineyards located in Penedes region.

HARVEST: Automatic harvesting, at night, which started on the last week of October. 

WINEMAKING: La Sueca is made from the typical grapes of our region: Garnacha and Tempranillo. This fresh and fruty red wine goes through a maceration with natural extracts of orange juice, lemon, cinnamon, peach, figs, apricot, lime and other red fruits for several weeks inside our stainless steel tanks, until the sangria gets the Spanish touch we are looking for. Then we add natural must nectar to give the point of sweetness. 

Alcohol content: 11% Vol 



Visual: Clean and bright cherry-red color.

Nose: Cinnamon and citrus like orange combined with red fruits aromas.

Palate: Fresh, fruity, pleasant, sweet and well-balanced.

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